Hat Styles - Beret


Ah , ze beret …

The hat style known as the Beret goes back to pre-Roman times, being worn by the noble class or artists , people like Henry VIII , etc..  although it is most commonly associated with France and Spain , anywhere from the 19th century to modern day ..
Berets are soft , round , brimless hats , typically worn halfway down on the forehead and slouched to one side . Most often made of wool , tho they can be made from almost any fabric , and are worn by either men or women .
Berets can often form part of a uniform , be it military , revolutionary, (Che Guevara ) , private schools , etc.. but also have a strong connection to such things as film directors or the beatnik  culture .. talk about versatility !
The beret is one of those styles that truly look good on everyone , and are an easy way to get started wearing hats . At Roberta’s we carry basic wool berets , military berets , Basque berets and a variety of fashion berets .. come on it and try some on !




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