Hat Styles - Straw Boater

Straw Boater

The Straw Boater Hat is one of the hat styles which became popularized during the late 1800’s /early 1900’s … a time during which class structure was becoming less rigid and styles of dress more casual.

Boaters or “skimmers” were the summer hat of choice for the middle and working class, worn by both men and women , frequently seen on the tennis court, at picnics and of course for boating or rowing ..

Made of stiff straw, with a flat top and flat brim, they are usually trimmed with a thick band of two-toned grosgrain ribbon, also known as Petersham Ribbon. (When worn in the United States, they were often trimmed only in a solid coloured satin band .. Also in the USA the boater style can be seen at political rallies, sadly made of cheap novelty materials such as styrofoam or plastic ..)

These days it is common to see Boater Hats being worn at sailing or rowing events, by barber-shop quartets, gondoliers, as part of retro school uniforms or in theatrical productions.

At Roberta’s Hats we are definitely noticing a resurgence in popularity of the Straw Boater Hat with our younger, more fashion-conscious customers!

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