Hat Styles - Bowler

Bowler Hat Image

The Bowler Hat was first introduced in 1849 , having been designed by London hatmakers  Thomas and William Bowler. The design had been requested by a gentleman named Edward Coke, who was the younger brother of the 2nd Earl of Leicester. He was looking for a deep-fitting hard felt hat with a small brim, to be worn by his gamekeepers while on horseback to protect their heads from low branches.  ( They had previously worn Top Hats, which kept getting knocked off their heads … ) 
The story goes that when he went to pick up the hat he placed it on the ground and stamped on it twice with his foot to test it’s sturdiness! Satisfied that it would indeed be strong enough to serve it’s intended purpose, he paid 12 shillings and off he went. As was custom in those days, the Bowler brothers named the new hat after the man who had commissioned it, so the hat was originally called the “Coke” hat ..

The Bowler hat has gone on to be worn in many countries, many professions, in movies, advertising campaigns, etc..  It was more popular than the cowboy hat in the early days of the Wild West, and is to this day commonly worn in many South American countries as part of every-day attire .

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