Hat Styles - Cloche

Straw Boater

The hat style known as “Cloche” was first worn around 1908, but is most closely associated with the 1920’s … part of the “flapper” style of the day.

“Cloche” is the French word for “bell”, so any hat in a close-fitting bell shape is said to be a cloche, whether it be made of felt, straw or fabric, and can be embellished any way the wearer chooses.  A cloche is meant to be worn very deep on your head, right down to  your eyes, and the brim can be worn either up or down …  During the roaring 20’s you would also see cloches made of beads for evening wear ..  Many of the popular hairstyles of the day were even designed to look good with a cloche hat on, that’s how popular the cloche was!

Today, cloche hats are still very much one of the best selling styles at Roberta’s Hats year-round .. Women just love this flattering style! They are especially suited to chin-length ( or just below..) hairstyles, and are available in anything from fabulous felts, casual  or dressy straws .. even velvet!  The cloche is definitely a Classic that’s here to stay …


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