Hat Styles - Fascinator


A style enjoying a huge resurgence is the heavenly concoction known as the “Fascinator”.

Fascinators are whimsical, frivolous headpieces, usually involving feathers, beads, flowers, veiling, etc…  and are worn on the head at a jaunty angle,  held in place by either a comb, headband, elastic or clip.

Believe it or not, fascinators are not new! Their history goes back to the 17th century, when they were made of lace, flowers and bows .. and were worn as an alternative to hats. They were also seen as a complement to the elaborate hairstyles of the day …

In recent years, fascinators are very commonly seen at weddings, worn by brides, attendants and guests. You’re also highly likely to see ladies wearing fascinators for parties, New Years and any other fancy dress occasions.

Embrace your inner Diva! Pop on a fascinator and you will look elegant and fabulous at any event …


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