Hat Styles - Fedora

Fedora Hat

Although more commonly thought of as a man’s hat , worn by gangsters , detectives and celebrities, the Fedora hat actually got it’s start as a ladies hat!

The French play “Fedora” by Victorien Sardou started it all … The heroine of the popular play was a character named Princess Fedora, who sported a wide brimmed felt hat. Ladies immediately followed suit, with men picking up on the trend later, lured by the hat’s stylishness and ability to protect your head from the elements .

The distinctive shape of the crown is what makes a fedora. It has a center crease running the length of the crown, and two indentations at the front, one on either side of the crease. The brim can be any size, and fedoras can be made of straw, felt or fabric. Typically the brim is worn up at the back and down at the front, but all sorts of variations on this theme are popular now.

The fedora has enjoyed a diverse wealth of popularity over the years .. think Humphrey Bogart, the Blues Brothers, Dick Tracy, Indiana Jones, Rocky Balboa, Michael Jackson, etc…  

Everyone from Orthodox Jews to the high mountain people of places like Bolivia sport fedoras … 

Maybe you should try one too!

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