Hat Styles - Flat Cap

Flat Cap

One of the oldest known hat styles is the Flat cap, also called the Driving cap or Golf cap, which dates back to the 14th century, when it was the headwear of choice for gentlemen in the United Kingdom. The wearing of flat caps on Sundays and holidays was even decreed for all males over the age of 6 by an English act of Parliament in 1571 to stimulate wool production! ( The act was overturned 25 years later, but by then flat caps were well set as proper attire for the working man …)

Flat caps are wedge-shaped , rounded caps with a stiff peak at the front, made of fabrics which may vary from wool tweed, leather, cotton or canvas, corduroy, etc…

The flat cap was transplanted to North America by immigrants from the UK and Ireland, who kept it’s working class roots well maintained. It also became associated with street newspaper vendors as well as the down and out … you could say the Flat cap was the Official Headwear of the Great Depression!

Flat caps had a huge resurgence in the 80’s, being favoured by musicians and rappers in the newly-popular Hip Hop culture .. being worn backwards was a particularly popular twist on the style …

A True Classic, today’s flat caps are worn by men and women, working class and wealthy, sporty, dress or casual. Celebrities, politicians, royalty … even Roberta herself wears a flat cap almost every day!

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