Hat Styles - The Homburg Hat

Homburg Hat

The Homburg is characterized by it’s crown, which tapers slightly to the top and has a single crease running across it. Unlike a fedora though, the Homburg has no indents at the front .. The brim on a Homburg has a gentle roll up on the sides, and the trim is almost always  wide grosgrain ribbon, both on the crown band and also the brim edge.

The origin of the Homburg style’s popularity is generally thought to be when the well-known fashion trend setter of his day Edward Vll took to sporting one after visiting the resort and spa town of Homburg, Germany in 1890. 

The Homburg is also known to be the style favoured by British Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill, and was the style worn by US President Dwight D. Eisenhower for his inauguration in 1953. Homburg hats are also commonly associated with Mafia dons, and are today often referred to as “The Godfather” hat! 

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