Hat Styles - Heisenberg Hat or Pork Pie

Heisenberg Hat and Pork Pie hat

As was the fedora, the oddly named "Pork Pie" Hat was originally a style favoured by women.

Pork Pie Hats feature a flat topped shallow crown with an indentation going all the way around, thus giving the crown the look of a meat pie. These hats can be made of felt or straw, and usually have a fairly small brim. Traditionally the brim on a Pork Pie hat is worn up all around, tho it also looks good with the brim snapped down at the front, fedora style.

Pork Pies are definitely a style for the hip and cool , the "man about town". Popularized early on by silent film legend Buster Keaton , they have enjoyed a rich history as the hat of choice for many jazz and blues musicians , immortalized in the Charles Mingus tune "Goodbye Pork Pie Hat" (written for his friend, jazz saxophone legend Lester Young.)

During the 1960's the Pork Pie hat was worn by members of Jamaica's "rude boy" subculture, the pioneers of the "ska" musical genre, then migrated to the UK where the style was embraced by the ska-loving Mod and skinhead movements.

The Pork Pie hat is definitely a stylish classic, and is still a strong seller at Roberta's Hats!

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