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Steampunk Hats

Steampunk is a fabulously unique fashion genre, inspired in part by science fiction literature. It imagines a steam-powered world of the future through the eyes of the 19th century Victorian era ..
Part retro, part futuristic, the Steampunk esthetic may involve such elements as Top hats, bowler hats, pith helmets, boater hats, goggles ( All available at Roberta’s Hats) waistcoats,  timepieces, monacles, corsets, crinolines, parasols, etc..  Imagination truly rules when it comes to Steampunk fashion.

Victoria is home to its own Steampunk Expo every year www.victoriasteamexpo.com 
Why not get dressed up in your finest Steampunk fashion, with a hat from Roberta’s Hats of course, and check it out!


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