Tips for Panama Hat Care :

Straw Boater

Like all straw hats, Panama Hats are SUN hats - NOT rain hats! They can withstand a few drops, but saturation with rain is a sure way to ruin your hat ... Excessive sun and/or heat can also be damaging to your straw hat (the back dash of your car is THE worst place for your Panama!) If you find your hat drying out, plug in the kettle and fan the heat gently over the steam from time to time ...

The finest grades of Panama Hats can technically be "rolled" or folded for travel, but please be advised: WE DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS! You will pay the price in the form of wrinkles, cracks and shape-loss on your hat, and we will not be held responsible for any damage ... Such a shame to pay good money for a fine Panama Hat only to roll it up and wreck it!

Finally, handling your Panama Hat by the brim will keep the crown from becoming soiled and/or cracked over time. We highly recommend you resist the urge to handle your Panama by pinching the crown.

Thank you for choosing to purchase a Genuine Panama Hat from Roberta's Hats! We appreciate you helping us to preserve this time-honored art form.


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