Tips for Straw Hat Care :

Straw Boater

Straw hats are ideal sun hats .. lightweight and cool.  They are NOT rain hats, so avoid wearing them in the rain. ( This also applies to the ocean and the swimming pool! )

Try to handle your straw hat by the brim and avoid pinching the crown. Pinched crowns will surely crack over time …

While some straw hats can be rolled or folded for travel, this will ultimately shorten the life span of your hat, resulting in either floppiness in some straws and/or cracking in others ..

A wipe from time to time of the interior sweatband with a damp facecloth or a wet-wipe will keep sweat stains at bay .. Also, a soft bristle brush or a wipe with a damp cloth should be all you need for exterior cleaning of your straw hat. (NO washing machine, NO dishwasher please!! )

Store your straw hat on a flat surface, preferably in a hat box if you can, with the crown stuffed with tissue paper for shape retention … The back dash of your car is THE worst place to store your straw hat, leading to dryness, cracks and sun fading …

Take care of your straw hats and they’ll look good for much longer!

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