Hat Style Suggestions

If you're petite:  Choose hats with a small brim and a low crown. Avoid big hats, which can overpower a small frame.

vintage drawing:

If you're tall:  Choose hats with a wider brim and a shorter crown. Avoid narrow, angular-shaped hats.

If you're full-figured:  Wide brimmed hats can add balance to a curvy figure.

Consider your face shape:

If you have a long face: Avoid taller crowns and smaller brims.  This will only add length to your face. Choose wider brims, upturned brims or floppy brims.

If you have a round face: Try higher crowns or angular shapes. Choose brims which are wider than your face. Avoid overly round crowns.

If you have an oval face:  Congratulations!  You can wear any shape of hat! Experiment with a variety of styles and find what works best for you.

Consider your hairstyle too!

Play around!  Tuck your hair behind your ears, try a low ponytail,  maybe frame your face with a few wisps. Voila!